Melanie Jarman

  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Textiles

Mel creates landscapes, seascapes and other nature related artworks, combining dry needle felting, embroidery, watercolour and recycled textiles.

Studio Details

Osprey Studios
57 Osprey Drive

Opening Hours

  • Sat 9 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 10 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Mon 11 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Tue 12 SeptBy appointment
  • Wed 13 SeptBy appointment
  • Thu 14 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Fri 15 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sat 16 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 17 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Mon 18 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Tue 19 SeptBy appointment
  • Wed 20 SeptBy appointment
  • Thu 21 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Fri 22 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sat 23 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 24 Sept10am - 4pm
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  • Family friendly (suitable for children)

Drawing on years of experience with acrylic and watercolour, along with needlework, stitchery, and quilting, Mel channels her creative flair into each piece. Born in England, Mel lived in Asia for many years, then travelled extensively before settling in Australia. She draws her inspiration from these many experiences and locations, as well as the beautiful Southwest Region of Western Australia.
Mel began her painting journey exploring acrylic paints at the local Art Geo complex in Busselton. Inspiring mentors and teachers developed her style and passion and she branched into watercolour and oils. Seascapes are her favourite subject, as they are moody and dynamic. Landscapes allow Mel to play with light and colour to create atmosphere and the unique feel of Australia.
Fabric has always been a creative outlet for Mel, sewing being both a hobby and the opportunity to experiment with her skills in mixed media. In her own studio space, and studying under UK textile artists, Mel has expanded her repertoire to produce stunning works of art. Whilst on a visit to the UK, she discovered creating artwork using Dry Needle Felting. Sheep wool as the main medium, fleece is also sourced from alpacas, then dyed in a vast variety of brilliant colours. Cotton scrim and gauze is layered to create texture, enhancing the overall result.
Mel’s favourite pieces incorporate all that she has learnt to do, be it in English countryside scenes, native Australian wildflowers, or a special favourite of hers, lighthouses. She created two large Busselton Jetty pieces, that perfectly captured the mood and panorama of Geographe Bay. Having just moved into her new studio at their home in Busselton, Mel is excited to invite you to her first Margaret River Region Open Studios.