How To ‘Do’ Open Studios

Step 1

Grab a cuppa and the Event Guide and let your eyes do the wandering.

Step 2

Once you have decided what you like the look of, check out selected Artists listing on our website – you’ll see more images of their work and also see any detailed instructions about how best to find them.

Step 3

Plan your day – See more art by focusing on a smaller area at a time.

Step 4

Pack some snacks, maybe a thermos and take your time, there are loads of great properties to discover as you explore. Don’t rush. If time is short at the end of the day – ring ahead and let an artist know you are on your way. Please always respect opening and closing times.

Book your accommodation – Please support our sponsors Private Properties and Cape Lodge if you can. Another excellent resource is the local tourism association; browse accommodation at or contact their consultants who can help find somewhere wonderful to stay.

Decide who you will visit – Flick through this Guide and identify which artists you like the look of. Mark these studios and refer to the map to plan your journey. For additional information and more images, refer to the artist profile on our website.

Plan your trip – We cover a large area so planning ahead is essential. Use Sat Nav or Google Maps to locate studios and for ‘hard to find’ locations check our website or call the artist. Then plan a route to follow.

Be a great visitor – Be respectful and thank the artist for opening their space for the event. Supervise your children and keep them with you while you visit. Always contact the artist first if you would like to bring a dog onto their property.

What to ask an Artist? – Our artists welcome your interest in their work. Below are some great conversation starters. Art News published a guide on “How to talk to an Artist’ you can find it here

  • What is their process? – How do they make their work?
  • What is in their Artist’s Statement? – This details what the work is about.
  • What is their background and training? – Their area of study or perhaps are they self taught – this background can give you great understanding about the artist and the work they do. Artists have diverse backgrounds and come to their practice for many different reasons.

Please remember that our event celebrates creativity at all its stages. Some of our artists are emerging and others are well established. This diversity is the strength of our unique event and promises countless discoveries for our visitors.

How many visits can I make? – Many visitors find that 5-7 studios in a day allows them time to chat, drive and picnic, some of our locations are open during later time slots, so plan your trip respecting the open times shown. As this is a driving based event remember to plan your trip and drive safely.

Just to keep in mind

Kids and Dogs

We ask all visitors to respect that these spaces are usually private not public spaces and in some cases you are in the artists home. Stick to paths, don’t let your children run or climb or touch unless invited and always ask first before letting your dog onto the property.
Taking photos

Please ASK first.

Artists have the right to deny others permission to photograph their work and please understand that this is the norm rather than the exception. The best way to photograph the work is to ask the Artist to be in it with you and always tag the artist and ask for permission if you are going to put images on social media.

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