Jodie Thompson

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Printmaking
  • Textiles

I am a textile/mixed media artist and clothing designer, creating wearable art and working with nature’s alchemy creating layered art that weaves a story to be told and felt.

Studio Details

AAA Galleries
16 Burton rd
Margaret River

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I have always been a creative creature, weaving art into my life whichever way I could. From the edge of my school note book to becoming my way of life entirely.
Margaret River has been my home for the last 7 years, the 16 before that, Broome was home. From the red dirt country, which will always hold a piece of my heart and soul, to this incredible coastline of forest and ocean. I always find myself immersed in magic places, being connected to nature is my lifeline and my inspiration.
I have been a Textile Artist and Clothing Designer for the last 13 years. My natural plant dyed clothing range ‘Lalita Lotus’ was created not long after my second trip to India. It was after my first Vipassana in the mountains of North India, that I really began to live as an Artist.
Travelling around Australia for the third time after this trip, working as a henna artist got me immersed in a world of creative flow. I then learnt about Natural Plant Dyeing and became completely inspired. On returning to Broome in 2011 I had my first collaborative Exhibition with two other artists and my second in 2012 with a group of artists.
Natural Plant Dyeing is an Ancient Textile Art, forms of this exist all over the world. Working with plant alchemy is like home to me. Going out into nature and collecting foliage, then returning to the boiling pots of plant matter and metal. A true witches cauldron to get my hands dirty in. After foraging I lay the fabric out and arrange the leaves on it, then I roll it around a metal pole, preferably old and rusty, then I bind it and put it into the prepared dye bath. The final result is always unpredictable to a certain degree.
I like to use mixed medias in my artwork as I enjoy the journey of layering. I never really know what the finished piece will look like, this is the part that excites me. I love the mystery and witnessing the story unfold, the story that wants to be told, often holding a different meaning to each beholder. I have studied Art Therapy and find that this brings more enquiry and curiosity into my work and deepens my practice. As I work mostly intuitively, art therapy guides and grounds this way of working. My intention for creating art is for expression and self-discovery. As I believe the more we understand ourselves and heal within, the more change we can make in the world.
Inspired by Nature and the transformation of all beings.