Jacquie Happ

  • Ceramics
  • Pottery

I'm excited about learning to throw and hand build after being surround by pottery for 30 years. Little bud vases, bowls and small platters with imprints - in our new glazes!

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Happs Pottery
749 Caves Road

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From Dunsborough: 10kms along Caves Road – about 9 minutes, heading to Busselton. From Busselton: head to Dunsborough, see the Ramada Resort on the right, Flame Tree on the left; pass Chain Ave slow down and turn left in the driveway just before the 90km sign.

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I have been surrounded by pottery for the last 30 years, and my house is full of items made by my husband Myles and son Finn. Over this period, I have had a few tries but life with four beautiful children and a love for volunteering got in the way. Earlier this year though, I rolled out of bed and thought, "it's time!"
I'm love the feeling of centring and the spinning of the clay through my hands. It's so meditative and relaxing. The small vases and bowls are for little spaces - a gift of appreciation and love or a reminder of a holiday down south.
Hand building is a curious way to make objects. I had a disaster making platters many years ago ... everything slumped! I was put off making them again. I've had success now and working on a range of platters and square bowls featuring imprints and simple drawings.
It's a blessing that Myles has been revisiting his glazes this year too. I'm privileged to have access to a range of colours that I have had input in and can work with, because I'm married to a curious expert. I will always love that first glimpse of opening a kiln to see what you have.
Watching Myles and Finn give lessons over the last few years has probably been the reason for this inspiration. I have learnt through osmosis. To help centre clay and create a little masterpiece - for the clients to have a successful experience, watching people connect and laugh, and learn their stories in a playful way. That feeling of making something yourself is a lovely way to create confidence!
I fell into my day job at the City of Busselton in 2011. It was the job I had been 'in training' for as a volunteer creating and coordinating events and arts projects for many, many years. As the Cultural Development Officer, there is contact with a multitude of creatives. I love the work I get to do - from writing heritage interpretation, commissioning artworks and sculptures, working with diverse community groups including the Aboriginal community, liaising with musicians and thespians, and even sometimes the enquiries that don't have identifiable homes.
Life is very good.