Felicity Mines

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My jewellery is classic for all ages. I'm proud of my Down South Collection. I bring together Colours and Memories of special places to celebrate the connection to place.

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Origins Market Busselton
86 West Street, Busselton

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I am Felicity Mines of Flix Handcrafted Jewellery. I am an artist and make things my own way. My nickname is Flick, my Dad's name was Felix, so I put the two together to name my business Flix. I started 30 years ago when making jewellery got in the way of the day job, which was 12 years as an Art/Phys Ed teacher. The last gig was an 8 year stint at Boulder Primary in the Goldfields. My friend and I started the Youth of the Goldfields Exhibition at the A class Gallery in Kalgoorlie. I bought a house in Busselton while I was in Kal and decided that I should go back to Busso where I was born. I grew up in Yarloop, my childhood home was burnt down in the devastating fires. I am a very proud Perth Upmarket Ambassador and Perth Makers Market Ambassador. My jewellery is classic for all ages. I'm evolving and tweaking my designs constantly. I'm proud of my Down South Collection. The South West is full of stunning natural beauty, and everyone has their special place. I like to create pieces of jewellery in my 'Down South Collection' from visiting the place, taking photos, being there and getting a feel from the place, most importantly colours, and also from my very own fond memories, so then people can wear their special place wherever they go. Like Meelup, I have a strong memory of swimming there, for the first time as a teen, and when I see this light crystal clear Teal colour, it always reminds me of the colour of the pristine waters of Meelup. So I have a collection called 'Meelup Teals' Canal Rocks. I went there to get a photo that captured the rich earthy colours of the rocks, the amber coloured sea grasses dancing over them with splashes of teal watery ocean jewels. I have had people have strong reactions, connections to these pieces, tears even. I've had pieces from this collection go to France and Germany, to hold special memories of this place. Bunkers Ocean Blues' This is my Mum's absolute favourite place. My son, Harry Dodds (my fellow adventurer and photographer) and I went there to capture an image for the collection. At the most beautiful 'golden hour' the sun goes down behind the rocks, so they are in darkness. So we decided to go at the other end of the day, at Dawn. This place, Bunker Bay, is such an idyllic gorgeous bay and nearby, just around the cape, is the powerful Southern Ocean, so it makes me think of all my favourite ocean blues. I have a very sparkly range too, 'Beach Boho Glam' and 'Love Collection'