Jill Jardine

  • Painting

Jill Jardine’s artistry, influenced by joyful personal experiences, is a fusion of various disciplines that highlight her artistic versatility. Embracing experimentation with different methods and concepts, she seeks to imbue her creations with fluidity, motion and liveliness.

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Jill Jardine Art Studio
7 Windmills Close

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  • Sun 22 Sept12pm - 6pm
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Jill Jardine’s uplifting and often whimsical paintings draw inspiration from her personal experiences and showcase her diverse range of artistic methods. Working intuitively, she revels in experimenting with different techniques and concepts to infuse her work with energy and liveliness. Her most recent works include joyful watercolour, mixed media design, and beautifully balanced acrylic and oil abstracts. Since 2019, Jill has been successfully exhibiting, and in March 2024, she won the overall People’s Choice at the Quindalup Artist Biennial exhibition.

Jill’s work on ‘paper’ captures her life experiences and travels. Each work composes a fascinating theme which is illustrated with beautifully drawn sketches and painted in exquisite colours. For the viewer, it’s a treasure hunt of evocative detail. One of her works, The Spiral of Joy, illuminates the authenticity of pre-war childhood games. Open Heart Café represents the fun and activity which flourished in the early ‘post-covid’ months. Moroccan Dreams was composed to create a dream trip of her own which couldn’t be realised during the ‘covid’ years. Oriental Calm captures the beauty culminating from Jill’s many journeys to Japan. Lifechaser, on canvas, reflects her intrinsic need to mischievously escape from controlling influences.

Another of Jill’s approaches involves the playful manipulation of textures and materials on wood or canvas. By surrendering to the moment, and listening to what wants to emerge, she builds each layer using collage, inks, paints and sanding. The result is artworks that are not just visually appealing but evoke a sense of depth, light, and balance. Many of Jill’s paintings have been described as evocative and often reflect her adventurous activities.

As Jill continues to explore and experiment with new techniques and concepts, her art remains a dynamic force, inviting viewers into a world where each piece tells a story of discovery, joy and unbridled creativity.