Jennifer Goodall

  • Mosaics
  • Upcycling

Jennifer loves that mosaic's is such a diverse art-form, allowing for expression in many different forms, using a variety of techniques and materials. There is something heartfelt and meaningful about creating something new, or even better, creating something new from other people's castaways.

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8 Honeyeater Crescent

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I believe there is something heartfelt and meaningful about creating something new, or even better, creating something new from other people's castaways. I love that mosaic's is such an extremely diverse art-form, incorporating many different substrates, materials, techniques and styles, limited only by the imagination. I began mosaics as a weekly craft activity in 2020, little realising that it would become such an integral part of my life. Mosaics was the art my soul had been seeking.

I have tried many different substrates, materials and techniques so far, with so many more to try. I most enjoy working with ceramics, glass and crockery. Each of my pieces reflects my journey as an artist, encompassing all that I have experienced and learned, whilst giving a taste of where future projects may wander.

One of the things that makes mosaics such a delight is the ability to give new life to an unwanted object. I have an affinity for mosaicing unwanted lazy susans, or upcycling lazy susans from old microwave plates. I adore finding hidden treasures to give a breath of new life. So many things can be upcycled with mosaics, so, if it doesn’t move, it's at risk of a little mosaic upcycling.

I equally have a fondness for mandala and geometric designs. There is something soothing about the flow of these patterns, which keeps me returning to them. Both mandala and geometric designs can be seen flowing throughout my work, adapting themselves to many different materials and substrates.

Living in the South West, sea-life, nature and the outdoors influence a lot of my work. Nature's diversity of life and richness of colour, can be found in my collection of animal and insect shapes. Each piece expresses the beauty I see in nature.

I have recently been inspired to create a series of pieces, that are identifiable as my works through use of the shards technique. I am exploring how to adapt this technique across a variety of substrates, surfaces and sculptures. I am further challenging myself to incorporate both conceptual and naturalistic elements into these future pieces.