Anthony Barugh

  • Painting

I paint in a traditional manor using oils with often a high oil medium, I like trying to create a story with the painting as well as in some instances, with poetry, they are in most instances a reflection of my life and the journey I have taken to get to here.

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38 westringia loop margaret river
38 westringia loop

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Having been painting casually for 30 years, I find it time to explore new avenues in my artwork, to test the boundaries so to speak. To go where I've never gone before, I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead with going public, my artwork is steeped in traditional ways of oil painting. Going to Europe in the nineties, I started my journey by introducing myself to the masters of painting, Rubens, Rembrandt and the likes of Michealangelo. I certainly don't compare myself to them, but I do like to learn from them, it's been put to me that I paint like Titian, an artist from the 15th century, he quite often took months to complete work as he allowed the painted surface that he had just done to dry before continuing on with it, allowing himself the time to look think about where to go with the next stage, I find myself doing the same thing, but instead of it being months to finish a painting, I find it has taken me on many occasions, years, but I do enjoy this style, the paintings I chose do generally have a personal meaning behind them, a story usually relates to it, but I also love writing poetry and I like to have the painting reflect that as well.