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Code of Conduct for MRROS event

Margaret River Region Open Studios is a not-for-profit organisation that provides marketing for a 16-day event to promote artists at all stages of their career living between Busselton and Augusta and west of Sues Road.

As a participant in the 2024 MRROS event, you are expected to show respect and courtesy to others. All interactions should be professional regardless of platform: either online or in-person. In order to foster a positive and professional event, we ask you to confirm your agreement to our Code of Conduct.

I agree to:

  1. Show courtesy and respect towards the MRROS Administration and Marketing team, Board members and any other volunteers working on or associated with this event.
  2. Use welcoming and appropriate language at all times.
  3. Be respectful of different viewpoints in a constructive and respectful manner.
  4. Focus on what is best for the whole event.
Accept Guidelines
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NameNarelle Kuppers
Contact Number0422973390
EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
How do you describe your gender?Female
What’s your age range?45 - 54
Do you identify with any of the following?
  • None of the above
Residential Address4
Caladenia Rise
Margaret River, western Australia 6285
Map It
Studio / Place Name (if applicable)Precious Plastic Margaret River
Studio Address14 Arthur Road
Rosa Brook, western australia 6285
Map It
  1. Place Name: N/A
  2. Street Number: N/A
  3. Street Name: N/A
  4. Street ( number + name ): N/A
  5. Street ( name + number ): N/A
  6. Premise: N/A
  7. Subpremise: N/A
  8. Neighborhood: N/A
  9. City: Yelverton
  10. County: City of Busselton
  11. Region Code ( state code ): WA
  12. Region Name ( state name ): Western Australia
  13. Postcode / Zipcode: 6280
  14. Country Code: AU
  15. Country Name: Australia
  16. Address: 63PX+H9 Yelverton WA, Australia
  17. Formatted Address: 63PX+H9 Yelverton WA, Australia
  18. Latitude: -33.955789742026006
  19. Longitude: 115.19783822484646
  20. Distance ( text ): N/A
  21. Distance ( value ): N/A
  22. Distance ( value in meters ): N/A
  23. Duration ( text ): N/A
  24. Duration ( value in seconds ): N/A
  25. Distance destination: N/A
  26. View in Google Maps
Instagram Handle@preciousplasticmargaretriver
About heading


In which medium do you work? Please select up to 4 mediums from options below
  • Furniture
  • Installation
  • Upcycling
  • Woodwork
Describe your experienceEmerging
Artist Statement for the Website

Plastic, once hailed as a symbol of progress, now looms as a formidable threat to our society and environment. Its ubiquitous presence permeates every facet of our lives, yet its lasting legacy is one of ecological devastation and human suffering. A material engineered to endure for centuries is squandered in mere minutes, discarded without regard for its potential longevity. This paradox lies at the heart of our contemporary dilemma—a crisis of consumption and disposal that demands urgent action. At Precious Plastic Margaret River, we stand at the forefront of this movement for change. Guided by a steadfast philosophy, we challenge the prevailing narrative of plastic as waste, recognizing its inherent value as a precious resource awaiting reinvention. Our mission is clear: to transform discarded plastic into objects of utility and beauty, thereby offering a pathway to redemption for both material and maker. Central to our ethos is the humble plastic lid—a seemingly inconsequential artifact of our consumer culture, yet emblematic of our disposable mindset. While the world overlooks these overlooked objects, we see them for what they truly are: blank canvases brimming with potential. From combs to tables, splashbacks to benches, our creations breathe new life into these discarded remnants, each infused with the spirit of transformation.
To date, our efforts have yielded tangible results: over 10 tonnes of plastic lids diverted from landfills, granted a second chance at purposeful existence. In a country where lids are overlooked by traditional recycling systems, we have assumed the mantle of stewardship, offering them a new lease on life through our innovative processes. My name is Narelle Kuppers, and I am the visionary behind Precious Plastic Margaret River. Founded in December 2018, our project operates at the intersection of artistry and activism, harnessing the power of creativity to address the global plastic pollution crisis. Through local, grassroots initiatives, we strive to create a more sustainable future—one plastic lid at a time. In our workshop, discarded lids find new purpose as functional and aesthetically captivating works of art. From combs to surfboard fins, our creations span a diverse array of forms and functions, each imbued with the spirit of transformation. Yet, our work extends far beyond mere material reclamation; it is a testament to the power of grassroots activism in the face of global crisis.

Artist Statement for the Event Guide

Passion transforms recycled lids into purposeful art, igniting beauty, education, community, and sustainability at Open Studios Margaret River. Witness the power of creativity in repurposing waste for a better world.

Image Upload Intro

Uploading your images

The process has changed a little this year;

Step 1 – Add 1 image that best represents your work for the printed Event Guide

Step 2 – Add an additional 9 artwork images and studio portraits for our marketing team

Step 3 – Add up to 10 images for your website listing – they can be the same or different to the images above

Step 4 – Add one main image for your website listing.

Each image must be 300dpi, between 2.5MB and 5MB, and formatted as a jpeg file.

Re-name all files to include your name, artwork title, year created, medium and size before uploading e.g., Jane Doe_Wild Seascapes_2018_Oil on canvas_10x10cm.

Please ensure the filenames contain only alphanumeric characters, underscores or hyphens. Special characters such as punctuation will cause the upload to fail.

Please add a photographer credit to the file name if required by the photographer.

(Note: we love to use smiling, welcoming studio portraits to promote MRROS on social media)

Please Note:Website images can be edited by logging in after your registration is complete. Event Guide Images and Additional Images can not be edited online. Replacement Event Guide images can be sent to Emily Jackson Replacement Additional Marketing images can be sent to Lizzy Pepper
Event Guide Images
Additional Images
Website Images
Main Website Image
Studio heading

Studio Details

Briefly describe your studio space (is it in your home, shed, farm etc, is it filled with light, is it tiny or cavernous?) & can you provide a taste of what visitors will see and experience there?

Nestled amidst the serene expanse of a farm, my art studio serves as a sanctuary where creativity flourishes in harmony with nature

Describe the kind of interactive experience you may provide to visitors. E.g. are you demonstrating your art practice?

Production will be in full swing, from compression, extrusion, injection and press, see lids being transformed into new functional pieces of art.

Are you sharing a studio with another artist?No
If your studio is difficult to find please list directions below. Also please note if your address is not correctly displayed on Google Maps.

14 Arthur Road Rosa Brook, 6285

HTML BlockPlease indicate when your studio will be open during the event. Please note your studio must be open for a minimum of 12 days to be eligible for this event.
Sat 9 Septam
Sun 10 Septam
Mon 11 Septclosed
Tue 12 Septclosed
Wed 13 Septam
Thu 14 Septam
Fri 15 Septam
Sat 16 Septam
Sun 17 Septam
Mon 18 Septclosed
Tue 19 Septclosed
Wed 20 Septam
Thu 21 Septam
Fri 22 Septam
Sat 23 Septam
Sun 24 Septam
Please indicate below whether your studio has or is:
  • carpark
  • family
Accessibility guidelinesIs there a clear and accessible path to your front entry?
  • No steps or barriers, steep inclines, uneven or loose surfaces
  • Paths are clear from the carpark
  • Suits a walking frame or wheelchair
Is your entry/exit point easy to find?
  • There is a sign that everyone can see for emergency evacuation
Is there enough space for someone to move a wheelchair around your work?
  • Ensure that there is adequate space between your furniture and displays
Have you got stairs?
  • Perhaps this is mitigated by a ramp.
If you have a no to any of these questions, it’s okay, just don’t check the 'Universal access' box!
Marketing heading


The next section helps our marketing contractors get to know more about you and helps them in promoting your studio.. If you do not wish to participate in PR and marketing opportunities, you can skip to the next section.
Do you have any relatives or close friends also participating in MRROS this year? If so can you please name them? (So we can potentially group you for stories)


Do you have any professional photos or video of you in action or your work in addition to what has been supplied for the catalogue? Please email them to
Events heading

Events, Workshops, 'In-conversation' events and Special Activities

Are you planning any workshops or events during MRROS? Please add details, and a booking link if required. Please keep this section for Events only - Demonstrations which are part of your regular Open Studios offering can be included in your Artist Statement for the Website instead. If you are planning more than three events please email additional details to If you are planning a regular event (eg a daily workshop) please enter this as a single event and include the days it will be running in the description, however PLEASE NOTE: Events without a date will not appear in the website Event Guide or Event Calendar. Please note you can edit this section to update or add new events up until MRROS begins.
Event One Heading

Event One

Event NameGuided Workshop Tour Q&A
Start Time11:00 AM
End Time12:00 PM
Event Description

Daily guided workshop tour explaining the whole process from the beginning. The concept, machines, processes, community envolvement, creations and vision for the future.
This will run at 11am each day the workshop is open.

Optional booking link (eg TryBooking / Eventbrite etc)
Event Images
Event Two Heading

Event Two

Event Three Heading

Event Three

Payment heading

Payment Details

The total fee for participating in the Open Studios Event in 2023 is $935 including GST, and made up as follows:

  • Membership renewal $132
  • Participation fee $803, includes compulsory Public Liability Insurance

Full payment is required upfront by credit or debit card.

Billing AddressPPMR
4 Caladenia Rise
Margaret River, WA 6285
Map It
Event Registration and Membership 2023Event Registration and Membership 2023, Qty: 1, Price: $ 935.00
Total$ 935.00