Laura Griffith

  • Drawing
  • Painting

I am an emerging artist with a BA Fine Arts from Curtin University. I have a variety of work including portraiture, figurative, landscape and abstract. I use oil paint and/or charcoal on canvas and board.

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Laura Griffith
10 Currawong St

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Hi thanks for visiting my studio! My name is Laura Griffith and I’m a fine art painter, working out of my home studio in Cowaramup for the last four years, having lived in the Margaret River region for 15years. I have a BA in Fine Arts from Curtin University, graduating in 2003.
A bit of history about me. The years after finishing my university degree gradually saw my art practice slip into being just an occasional hobby. I was never really sure how to make a living out of my art and I lost my confidence. It has only been now at this stage in my life, with my daughter in full time school, and with the support of my husband, that I have been able to set up my home studio and commit to exploring my art practice again.
Our daughter was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer at 9 months old which required us to move up to Perth for a year while she underwent chemotherapy treatment. Once she was better we set a plan in place to travel Australia in our caravan to spend invaluable time together as a family. We were on the road for 15 months during 2018/19. It was during this time that I started to feel the creative pull reignite, realising life was too short not to prioritise doing what you love, and I returned home determined to pursue my art practice again. This time spent living and traveling immersed in nature has inspired a lot of my landscape work, and I’m very interested in the healing aspect of spending time out in the natural world.
My goals over these last few years have been to focus on my practice and skill development, focus on doing the work and building confidence, figuring out who I am as an artist now rather than worrying about the outcomes or exhibiting regularly. The commission work I’ve received through word of mouth has been slowly building and the MRROS event is the perfect opportunity to showcase what I have been doing and get some viewer feedback without the pressure of trying to build a cohesive body of work for an exhibition. I really enjoy the freedom this gives me to work on what subject I want at the pace I want.
Life is always a juggle between parenting duties and being a FIFO wife running our household solo half the time, but working from my home studio doing what i love i feel so happy and grateful everyday that I've arrived here.
You can follow me on instagram and facebook (Laura Griffith Artist) to keep up with what I’m currently working on outside of the MRROS event, and I’m open for commission requests.