Cindy Nasato

  • Painting

Dynamic, semi abstract artworks characterized by their fluid composition. I create a sense of movement and spontaneity evoking a sense of freedom and expression in my art.

Studio Details

21 Tonkin Boulevard
Margaret River

Opening Hours

  • Sat 9 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 10 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Mon 11 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Tue 12 Sept12pm - 6pm
  • Wed 13 Sept12pm - 6pm
  • Thu 14 Sept12pm - 6pm
  • Fri 15 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sat 16 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 17 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Mon 18 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Tue 19 Sept12pm - 6pm
  • Wed 20 Sept12pm - 6pm
  • Thu 21 Sept12pm - 6pm
  • Fri 22 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sat 23 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 24 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Parking suitable for cars
  • Family friendly (suitable for children)
  • Refreshments available

Cindy is a Perth-born artist with an insatiable appetite for creativity, making her mark in the art world after exploring various forms of art such as portraits, life drawings, and still-life. Having worked extensively over east, Cindy finally found solace in the picturesque town of Margaret River, where she decided to settle and further hone her skills.
With a curious and exploratory nature, Cindy's current works are a testament to her cognitive style, taking inspiration from the breathtaking landscape of the south-west region of Australia. Her artistic expression is a beautiful fusion of mixed media techniques, with a strong emphasis on the use of ink to create fluid, contemporary abstract designs.
Since featuring in the popular Margaret River Art Studio in the main street in 2020, Cindy's art has taken the town by storm. Her captivating works appeal to local, interstate and international visitors alike, capturing the essence of the region they admire.
Cindy's art has also been showcased in her own solo exhibition at the Margaret River Art Studio , cementing her status as one of the most promising artists in the region.
Creating abstract, loose, and flowing art Cindy's style of art allows for greater freedom and experimentation with color, form, and texture. By letting go of the constraints of realism, Cindy taps into her intuition and subconscious to create works that are both personal and universal. The use of fluid mediums such as acrylics, inks and shellac enhances the organic and spontaneous nature with a sense of movement and energy in which Cindy enjoys creating . Embracing imperfections and unpredictability can lead to unexpected and beautiful results, making her art, loose, and flowing. Her art is an expression of imagination not the reproduction of reality.