Alan Meyburgh

  • Furniture
  • Metalwork
  • Sculpture
  • Upcycling

Meyburgh is what one would describe a social artist who's works, created from recycled media such as steel and timber, are intended to be meaningful, engaging and Memorable.

Studio Details

Yallingup Galleries
Cnr Caves Road and Gunyalgup Dr
Caves Road

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Alan Meyburgh is an artist with local and international repute, who’s designs range from intricate sculptures through complex commissioned installations. These works, created from mainly recycled media such as steel and timber, are intended to be meaningful, engaging and memorable. From his studio near Margaret River, Alan finds no shortage of inspiration by the natural bush setting that surrounds him. Tinkering away, he is often watched by the wise old black cockatoos in the trees above.
Meyburgh is what one would describe a social artist, having worked on a number of artist collaborations he thrives on getting his hands dirty on challenging commissions while working well with clients. Sculptures produced by the artist form part of the private collections in many Western Australian homes and father afield.
Although he started his career producing classical realism in bronze he has incorporated this knowledge with that of contemporary and abstract sculptures and functional art. When conceptualizing he places emphasis on balance, form, structure, expression of movement and of course the meaning of each piece. In addition, he is ever mindful of positive and negative space, colour, light, shadows and texture.
Over the years, Alan has been awarded many private and public commissions. To date his largest project has been for The Address Hotel, Downtown Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (alongside the world’s tallest building). Here he produced seven large contemporary pieces ranging between 2.6m and 3.5m in height, both in bronze and high-gloss finished cement. His work is also proudly held in the private collections of Abu Dhabi and Dubai royal families.
Alan Meyburgh, born into a family of artists, produces natural contemporary pieces that are inspired by his passion for the outdoors and natural forms. Alan has successfully completed a number of commissions in the region. The most recognizable being, sculptures and functional artworks at Origins Market in Busselton, a series of Megafauna Animals for the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association. These pieces are situated in the main street of Margaret River, just outside the Visitors Centre, at Lake, Jewel and Mammoth Caves. The wedge tailed eagle “swooping in gor the kill” OUTSIDE Pizzica Restaurant, on the amin street of Margaret River was Alan’s “pandemic project’. A progressive sculpture during the Emergence Festival held annually in the region, attracted attention. Alan to