Phil O'Brien

  • Drawing
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting

Phil has always had an affinity with art ,in particular painting .He is greatly influenced by his natural surroundings and the love of the ocean and with the strong use of colour makes up to create medium to large size canvas artwork.

Studio Details

Glenellie Art Studio

Opening Hours

  • Sat 7 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 8 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Mon 9 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Tue 10 SeptClosed
  • Wed 11 SeptClosed
  • Thu 12 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Fri 13 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sat 14 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 15 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Mon 16 SeptClosed
  • Tue 17 SeptClosed
  • Wed 18 SeptBy appointment
  • Thu 19 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Fri 20 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sat 21 Sept10am - 4pm
  • Sun 22 Sept10am - 4pm

CNR Caves Road /Glenellie.Stone pillars out the front .

  • Parking suitable for cars
  • Parking suitable for buses
  • Universal access
  • Family friendly (suitable for children)

Phil has always had an eye for art and his talent ,in particular painting was noted while at school by his art teacher, for a couple of years, Nigel Thompson. (winner of the Archibald 1997 ) and with his assistance was accepted into art school in 1973 .Phil opted for a plumbing apprenticeship for financial stability .He travelled to Europe and the Middle east in 1978 and spent years up in the Kimberley and islands off the coast. He started painting again while living in Broome 1990 and was accepted into art school (Northbridge and Claremont )for the start of 1992 year group for Diploma of Fine Arts .He sold his first large canvas in 1992 and has continued creating works of art since then and have resided in rural Margaret River since Jan 1996 and continues to paint today in the beautiful surroundings of his studio.