Elizabeth Whiteman

  • Painting
  • Textiles

Oil and gouache seascapes and landscapes from the beautiful Margaret River region, including many from my self-imposed alla prima daily painting challenge.

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47 Sheridan Road
Margaret River

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In a noisy world dominated by words and labels, I am far more interested in what I can express beyond words, without names and labels.  Underpinning all my paintings is a deep desire for that felt experience of Beauty, to keep looking until I see it, to feel it, create it and express it.
When I paint, it feels very similar to digging in the soil, or chopping vegetables and eating them. It is physical, sensual, visceral. Juicy, buttery oils are my main medium. Colour is my language.  I love the whole process of painting, from finding my subject and composition, to mixing the colours to brushing, pushing, and spreading the thick paint all over the canvas.”
A self-taught artist, I grew up in England, travelled a fair bit, then lived in France for 25 years. One day in 2013 I blew in to Margaret River for the first time, and felt right at home on the edge of this wild, west coastline with a vast horizon before me.
I paint portraits to commission, as well as the ocean and the beauty of nature on my doorstep. My paintings have found homes all across the world in private and corporate collections - in Australia, France, England, United States, Argentina, Ireland, Canada…